NUGENIS company will present biologically active supplements at Pharma exhibition

NUGENIS is an Austrian epigenetics researching company.  NUGENIS is well-known at the Austrian market due to its innovative product  –  Epigenetic Brain Protector. In 2015, NUGENIS was awarded by the gold medal at the most important international trade fair for “Ideas, Invention and New Products”, iENA , for EBP® Epigenetic Brain Protector as an outstanding contribution to the protection of the brain cells.

Epigenetic Brain Protector contains these three naturally in our body occurring factors:
  • Ademetionine is a metabolic product that can be found in all cells in our body. After water and ATP, the universally available and immediately usable source of energy, it is the third most abundant molecule in our body. Its physiological level in the cell decreases continuously from age 55 onwards.
  • Vitamin B12 supports those metabolic processes in our brain cells important for maintaining a healthy nervous system and normal mental performance. Vitamin B12 is involved in ademetionine production.
  • Zinc helps to protect cells from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the main cause of cell aging.
NUGENIS also produces supplements protecting muscles and supplements protecting against burnout and improving resilience.

To obtain more detailed information about products of NUGENIS company attend Pharma exhibition on October 11-13. To attend the exhibition, please get e-ticket.