Pharmcentre VILAR will take part in Pharma exhibition

Pharmcentre VILAR is a modern enterprise with high quality standards. The production of modern herbal drugs, development and registration of drugs are the main activities of the company. In the production programme of enterprise there are more than 50 modern herbal reparations.

Pharmcentre VILAR is constantly expanding the range of medicinal products based on vegetable raw materials and ensures quality control on all production stages – from raw material production to the production of drugs.  The Pharmcentre has more than 500 employees in research centres and more than half of them are candidates and doctors of sciences.

Pharmcentre VILAR will present an innovative herbal anti-arrhythmic long-acting medicine class 1C ALLAFORTE ® at the exhibition. The drug ALLAFORTE ® has milder therapeutic effect and fewer side effects compared to other antiarrhythmic agents.

To obtain more detailed information about the medicine, as well as other products of Pharmcentre VILAR attend Pharma exhibition on October 11-13. To attend the exhibition, please get e-ticket.