New Exhibitor - company DOYCH Ltd, Bulgaria
DOYCH Ltd. started its activities since January 1993 with the opening of the first in Bulgaria private factory "Auxiliary medicinal products".

The first product of th company was MATSAN DOYCH® with a dry snake venom from vipers . The undeniable qualities of articular product MATSAN DOYCH®, which is already 20 years on the market, has been studied and recognized by medical experts of Bulgaria.Their reviews have been widely published in scientific journals and the media. With the dry snake venom was developed and released to the market two other products – MATSAN DOYCH®(ointment) – to strengthen the cardiovascular venous system (hemorrhoids, varicose veins and haematomas) and MATSAN DOYCH®T (lotion) that stimulates the regeneration of tissue, inflammation, osteomyelitis, bruises, sprains, sports injuries. The company has created the first herbal concentrate MATSAN DOYCH®R contents and a concentrated extract of propolis for the maintenance of physiological processes in the oral cavity.

In 2011 DOYCH Ltd started the production of a group of special products that belong to one and new to the country in the direction of DIETARY FOODS FOR SPECIAL MEDICAL PURPOSES. This is a new category of products consisting of special nutrients whose properties have been adapted to the specific disease, disturbance or pathological condition.

At the exhibition Pharma, that will be held from 12 to 14 October 2016 in CEC EXPOFORUM, St. Petersburg, Russia, visitors can see such products of this category as WILL®M – for diseases, disorders or painful conditions of the musculoskeletal apparatus, AMINOLAB®M – to restore the function of the liver, CARDIOHELP MAX®M is to improve the function of the heart and vascular system, RENAGEL®M – for chronic diseases, metabolic diseases and infections of the urinary system, L-THEANINE®M - used in case of mental and physical stress, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, ARTHRO FORTE-da-AG – diseases of the musculoskeletal system, MADE BIORELAX® M for the cerebral circulation, disorders of memory and concentration, cold hands and feet, also a potent immunomodulator, IMMUNOCARD®M, and many others.