MEBO International will take part in Pharma exhibition

In providing new life science research, benefiting the whole world, MEBO International possesses abundant, globalized intellectual property rights and is the operational base of MEBT/MEBO--the world-renowned regenerative medical technology for burns, wounds and ulcers. It is the leading economic entity implementing the current U.S. national policy of “developing drugs to regenerate damaged organs”, the engine of regenerative life industrial chain, and the pioneering enterprise ushering humanity into the new economic world of regenerative life.

At this time, MEBO International holds more than 40 patents in various countries and regions, such as China, America, Europe and Japan, including patents for regenerating core human organs, specifically, potential regenerative cells (PRCs) and the culture methodology, physiological tissue repair and functional organ regeneration by cultivation of regenerative stem cells in vivo and in situ. Books authored by Dr. Rongxiang Xu are included in the United States National Library of Medicine, these include: Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science, Burn Regenerative Medicine and Therapy, Blue Book of Burn Medical Technology, and The Complete Book of Burns. Additionally, the book, Burn Regenerative Medicine and Therapy, published by Karger, a famous publisher, located in Switzerland has been collected in the science libraries of dozens of top-notch universities, such as Harvard University, Princeton University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

You can get acquainted with MEBO International products at Pharma exhibition on October, 11-13. To attend the exhibition, please get e-ticket.